Being Worried is Good or not?

Worry usually involves thinking that something negative is going to happen. This is a normal emotion that everyone will feel at some point in their lives. Worry can become a problem when it interferes with everyday life.So for example, it might start to negatively impact on our social life or on our academic performance. It can impact our sleep and our mood. This is when we might need some extra help. Calming technique, which is also known as grounding skills, are a good way to help us reduce our heart rate and our blood pressure.

When we feel worried, stressed or anxious, it helps us to refocus our attention and overcome fears and other unpleasant feelings. So we can feel relaxed and do the things that are important to us. So, for example, things that makes us happy. So let’s have a think about a common box full of goodly goods. We were going to dip into the goodie box using our five senses to for example, take an item. One thing that we can taste, two things that we can smell, three things that we can feel or touch, four things that we can hear and five things that we can see.

Now, we may also want to scan our goodie box using our magnifying glass to scan through this goodie box and search for category of items. So for example, we will use our magnifying glass to help us find a yellow color object, a green color object, a red color object, or find a blue color object and an orange color object. One thing we can also do is to look out for fact finding.

So we’re going to take a step back away from the goodie box and bring our attention to our cell. Thinking about what’s going on right now and naming for example, my name is I am wearing or perhaps the weather is my school Ace. Now let’s just link the dots. So by thinking and about things to help us relax and calm down, we can then do the things we want or need to feel better and happier.

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