Therapeutic Massage at our
Milton Keynes Clinic
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Why Choose

Therapeutic massage is the manipulation of the soft tissue of whole body areas to bring about generalised improvements in health, such as relaxation or improved sleep, or specific physical benefits, such as relief of muscular aches and pains


Our Approach

At Ethos massage therapy we offer a wide range of holistic therapeutic treatment. We are passionate about massage and its benefits to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. 

A little ‘you’ time can do wonders for your overall wellbeing, energising and refreshing the inner you. 

As well as running the Ethos massage Therapy treatment room for massage in Milton Keynes, Ethos clinic knows, therapy can be for helping us understand ourselves better, correct misconceptions about ourselves.

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We Offer Treatment For...


This can make it very difficult to understand that what you are dealing with is in fact depression.


Dealing with anxiety can be a confusing, overwhelming, and exhausting experience.


An integrative approach to support you or a loved one at every stage of the recovery process.


Most of us experience problems with sleep at some point in our lives, generally when under stress.


You haven’t been yourself ever since the traumatic incident happened. It’s changed you. 


Frequent unwanted thoughts and sensations that cause you to perform repetitive behaviors.


We may also learn to fear through observing other people’s reactions and attitudes, or

Couple Conselling

Headed for a separation or divorce, and considering couples therapy sessions.