Sylwia Przybylska

Sylwia Przybylska


About Sylwia Przybylska

Sylwia Przybylska – Almost twenty years of my experience as a psychotherapist working with children, teenagers and young adults with social, emotional and behavioral challenges highlighted the importance of inclusion as well as recognition of individual needs and preferences.

As an empath, I have the ability to understand and share other people’s feelings, experiences, and emotions. In my Counselling Practice, I offer a therapeutic relationship to the young adults who experienced difficulties in their childhood, which led them to a loss of confidence, identity crisis, various addictions, self-harm or even criminal offence.

During offered hours of counselling I always utilize a person-centered approach, which concentrates on the ways that individuals perceive themselves. I share with them a belief in tendency to develop towards their full potential. I aim to create a non-judgmental, safe, and secure space, in which they can concentrate on themselves, develop self- understanding, restore their own sense of value and create their own identity.